Xerox B230 A4 Mono Laser Printer

Xerox B230 A4 Mono Laser Printer Review

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The Xerox B230 A4 Mono Laser Printer is a versatile and efficient printing solution designed to meet the demands of businesses and professional settings. With its exceptional print quality and robust features, this mono laser printer offers reliable performance and productivity. In this review, we will explore the key features, performance, and benefits of the Xerox B230, making it an ideal choice for businesses in need of high-quality printing.

Xerox B230 A4 Mono Laser Printer

High-Quality Printing for Business Needs

Key Features:

Print Speed and Quality:

The Xerox B230 excels in delivering fast and precise prints, with a print speed of up to XX pages per minute. The printer ensures sharp and clear monochrome prints with a maximum print resolution of XXX dpi, resulting in professional-looking documents.

Connectivity Options:

This printer offers versatile connectivity options, including USB and Ethernet, allowing seamless integration into office networks. It also supports mobile printing, enabling users to print directly from their smartphones or tablets using various mobile printing apps.

Paper Handling:

The Xerox B230 comes with a standard paper capacity of XXX sheets, which can be expanded with optional paper trays. It supports various paper sizes and types, including A4, letters, envelopes, and labels, offering flexibility for different printing needs.

User-Friendly Interface:

With its intuitive control panel and easy-to-navigate menu, the Xerox B230 ensures user-friendly operation. The display provides clear instructions and status updates, making it simple to manage print jobs and access printer settings.

Energy Efficiency:

This printer incorporates energy-saving features, including automatic duplex printing, which helps reduce paper usage and promotes sustainability. It also meets various energy efficiency certifications, contributing to a greener working environment.

Performance and Reliability:

The Xerox B230 consistently delivers reliable performance, handling high-volume printing tasks with ease. Its robust construction and durable components ensure long-lasting reliability, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The printer’s duty cycle of XXXX pages per month demonstrates its ability to handle the demanding needs of businesses effectively.

Table: Xerox B230 Specifications

Print Speed34 pages per minute (ppm)
Print ResolutionUp to 2400 dpi
ConnectivityUSB, Ethernet, Mobile Printing
Paper Capacity250 sheets (expandable with optional trays)
Supported Paper SizesEnergy-saving features meets certifications
Duplex PrintingAutomatic
Duty CycleUp to 30,000 pages per month
Energy EfficiencyEnergy-saving features meet certifications

Price ranges from $120 to $170


The Xerox B230 A4 Mono Laser Printer offers impressive features and performance, making it a reliable choice for businesses seeking high-quality printing. With its fast print speeds, sharp print quality, and user-friendly interface, it streamlines printing tasks and enhances productivity. The printer’s connectivity options, paper handling capabilities, and energy efficiency further contribute to its appeal. Overall, the Xerox B230 is a reliable mono laser printer that meets the demanding needs of businesses and delivers excellent results.

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